Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center will adopt pets that are declared unadoptable and face euthanasia. These pets will be treated holistically with love an compassion something most of them have never experienced. We will also share and teach anyone interested in doing the same. 


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I wrote this book for beginners to raw feeding. It is a simple approach that I use to help my clients to switch to raw food or start their puppies and kittens on a raw food diet. It also includes my strategies to lower the risk of chronic diseases. You get lifetime support as an owner of this book.


Membership to Long Living Pets Research Academy.

This is my new private membership network where we discuss and share different natural modalities in a safe and private setting. I will share my findings from the first 20 years of collecting data from the raw feeding study. I don’t do that anywhere else.

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A one-year free membership. 

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