Long Living Pets Research Foundation, Inc

Our Mission

Help pets live longer healthier lives and limit the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases
using an all natural approach.

What We Do

Support research into life extension and cancer prevention in dogs and cats
using an all natural approach

Who we help

All pets and pet owners seeking long, healthy lives for their pets
using an all natural approach.

Hypothesis No. 1

"Dogs and cats should live much longer than they do today."

Hypothesis No. 2

"Dogs and cats should not suffer from the many chronic disease that they do today."

"Based on my initial 16 years of research into raw fed dogs and cats which produced extremely encouraging results, I will over the next 15 years provide strong anecdotal evidence to further substantiate these hypotheses”

Thomas Sandberg, Founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects (2000-2030)

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"I wish my pet could live forever" and "I fear cancer more than anything"

Those were the two most common responses I received from pet owners in a recent survey I conducted on what they wished and what they feared the most for their pets. Those were high on my list too 16 years ago, and I’ve dedicated my life to doing something about that. If you are in this category, you will find this research fascinating and encouraging. I'm convinced that we can do something in both areas. Hopefully, you will agree and support this.

"I’m determined to extend the life expectancy of our beloved pets and reduce their risk of cancer. Over the last 16 years, I have achieved significant results that have encouraged me to continue for at least another 15 years. I need your support for this" Thomas Sandberg.

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