From Kibble to Cooked to Raw – What is best?

Please welcome Mylo (2) a Toy Poodle from Hong Kong.
Mylo was on kibble for almost a year before we decided to put him on home cooked. With home cooked, it isn’t easy to keep his meals balanced as a lot of nutrients are lost from cooking. He had occasional hunger pukes no matter how much we feed him. After doing a lot of research, we finally decided to switch to raw feeding in Feb 2017. Ever since, he has no more hunger pukes, his tear stains are improving and his teeth are cleaner than before!
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My Comment

I get a lot of questions when it comes to cooked vs raw food.  In my opinion cooked is just a step up from kibble. Cooking food something ONLY humans do in the world of living things, destroys many vital nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics.  What is left over is dead meat to a dog. Dogs are carnivores which means they are flesh eaters and thrive on a raw food diet. I have thousands of examples how raw food restored the balance in dog’s and cat’s health. I will keep adding them here to this site.