IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since this video was made I have decided to increase the number of dogs to 10,000 and add 5,000 cats. Therefore more than ever I need your support to make this the world’s largest and longest study into raw feeding.

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Your dog and cat can live LONGER healthier lives

and dramatically REDUCE the risk of cancer!

Support and be a part of the most important research project involving dogs EVER conducted.
A 30-Year study with 10,000 dogs and 5,000 cats! Started in 2000 and will end in 2030.

Please read and share this important information that will help dogs and cats live healthier, longer lives.

This research project will confirm the following amazing facts based on my first 16 years with 80 dogs:

1. Dogs and cats can live much longer than they currently do
2. The risk of our pets developing cancer can be drastically reduced (by 90% or more)
3. This can be done by simply feeding dogs and cats the food they are designed for!

I’m Thomas Sandberg, researcher and animal lover from birth. For the past 16 years, I have fed my dogs and cats the food they are designed for and there’s a difference anyone can see.
I also have followed (2000 – 2015) a small group of dogs (80) from around the world that are following the same diet.

This is the data from my 80 dogs study that went on from 1999-2015.  Copyright Long Living Pets Research Projects LLC. Do not copy without written consent from Thomas Sandberg. Contact information is found on this website.

The results? I have seen longer lifespan – 30-100% longer than the average lifespan for the breed. In addition, the incidence of cancer was nearly zero. Now I am ready to take my research project to the next level and I need your help.


Why do so many dogs die of cancer?

In one word; diet. Through no conscious fault of their owners, millions of dogs eat food that shortens their natural lifespan while simultaneously increasing their risk of developing any number of deadly chronic diseases, particularly cancer. More than 50% of dogs will develop cancer and, sadly, in most cases it is terminal. The worst part is; most people are feeding their dogs what they believe to be healthy food that’s good for their dog! The result is a compromised immune system that can’t protect our dogs from deadly diseases!

This fact is not acceptable and can be changed!

Join me in working to prevent the needless and untimely death of millions of dogs and cats! The way to achieve this is so simple and so natural:

We must start feeding our dogs and cats the food they were designed to eat.

The simple fact is that we have defied nature by feeding our pets food they were never meant to eat!

Our dogs will thrive if we follow nature’s plan.

I have dedicated my life to educating pet owners to feed their dogs and cats the food they are designed to digest. Feeding dogs and cats in this way have been shown, through my own research, to increase longevity while decreasing the risk of cancer.

I am halfway through a 30-year research project, tracking the progress of a group of dogs and cats that have been placed on a diet optimized for their nutritional needs; raw meat and bones.

Phase 1 (1999-2014)- Completed.

I started studying the digestive system of carnivores in 1999. Within a few months, I realized that dogs, who are 99% genetically similar to wolves, have digestive systems designed to extract all their nutrients from raw meat and bones. This food supplies the dog’s organs with all the vital nutrients they require to function properly. In addition, these nutrients build and sustain a strong immune system and organ reserves required to defend against dangerous free radicals. The result is:

A drastic slowdown of the aging process and superior protection against a host of deadly chronic diseases, such as cancer.

I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. Above is a photo of a meal I have prepared for them.  Below is my wonderful pack. The foundation and inspiration for my research.

Phase 2 (2014-2030) – Now Underway.

After 15 years of tracking the progress of a relatively small number of dogs (80), I am ready to expand this research project to 5000 dogs and 2000 cats. The results from the first 15 years have been amazing, and now I want to expand this project to produce more definitive results with a larger number of dogs and cats.

I have no doubt that, at the conclusion of Phase 2, the results will stun the dog world. The astonishing results I’ve achieved with phase 1 of this project leads me to believe that phase 2 will clearly show:

1. When fed raw meat and bones, large and giant breed dogs will live much longer and healthier lives than their current average life expectancy. Some will even double their average life expectancy. For instance, I would expect a Dane fed raw for most of its life to live far into its teens; 14-16 years old would not be uncommon. This is astounding when you consider the fact that the average lifespan of a great Dane is presently 6-8 years. This is all possible due to a strong immune system.

2. Medium and smaller breed dogs should live into their 20s when fed this type of food. There are cattle dogs in Australia who are fed exclusively raw kangaroo meat that live into their mid to late 20s.

3. The health of dogs fed in this manner is generally superior to dogs fed commercial dog food.

4. Periodontal diseases will be nearly eliminated since carbohydrates and sugars are not found in raw meat and bones.

5. Early joint diseases, like arthritis, will be eliminated and will not appear until very late in life.

6. Liver disease, kidney disease, and pancreatic disease will, in most cases, be eliminated.

7. Cancer, which is currently responsible for taking more than half of our beloved dogs, will be eliminated almost entirely.

8. Cat’s lifespan on a raw food diet with minimal vaccination should easily reach 20-30 years.


Nature has given us the perfect owner’s manual for our dogs and cats.

Many useful products we buy and enjoy come with an owner’s manual. Cars come with a handbook telling us what we need to do in order to make sure our car runs great for many years; following these instructions and taking good care of your vehicle can add years to its life while saving you lots of money in repairs. Everything we need to know is in the manual.

If dogs and cats came with a manual, it would be very short and easy to follow. It would say:

  1. Feed your dog and cat a mix of raw meat and bones, close to this ratio: 80% meats, 10% bones, and 10% organ meats.
  2. Feed a daily portion close to approximately 2-3% of your pet’s ideal adult weight.
  3. Exercise your dog every day.
  4. Minimize vaccines and exposure to chemicals and toxins
  5. Love your pets as a member of your family.

If you follow these simple instructions, your dog and cat will be around and healthy for a very long time. Feeding this way is what nature intended. A dog and cat are carnivores*, it always was and it always will be! And carnivores require a specific type of diet to stay healthy.


*Many like to classify cats as obligate carnivores and dogs as opportunistic carnivores. For optimal health and longevity, I like to consider them both as obligate carnivores


When you feed your dog and cat the right food, they will develop and sustain a rock solid immune system. A strong immune system protects a dog and cat from premature aging and deadly diseases by effectively fighting off free radicals, which are the main cause of health problems and early aging in dogs.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can enjoy your beloved pet for many years without seeing him or her suffer from diseases. We have all experienced the heartache of losing a pet to disease. I had a dog die from cancer and I pledged to myself that a dog in my care would never again die from this disease. It is a horrific experience that breaks the heart.

Extending the life of service dogs too.

There are about 200,000 task-trained service dogs in the US (not including emotional support dogs). The cost of training one of these dogs can range from $10,000 – $50,000, depending on its tasks. These dogs tend to get better at their work as they age so if they could live much longer, millions of dollars could be saved.

Service dogs develop an incredible bond with the person they serve and, for the owner of a service dog, it is always heartbreaking and extremely difficult to overcome the illness and early death of the animal they depend on.

This is one of my highest priorities: to educate the service dog community about the benefits of a raw, carnivore diet. I have modified the feeding process of raw food so it can be fed by anyone in a clean and safe setting.

However, until I have the results from a much larger research project (Phase 2), I will not be able to convince people that what we feed our pets is fundamental to their well-being. I need your help so I can undertake Phase 2 of the project.

I financed the first 15 years out of my own pocket but, unfortunately, I don’t have the means to do that with 5000 dogs and 2000 cats for the next 15 years. I am not charging a fee to the people whose dogs participate in the study, nor do I charge for helping pets diagnosed with cancer (at any time, I am assisting 80-100 dogs). Consequently, this project occupies much of my time.


My goal is to initially raise $50,000. This will allow me to:

1. Reduce my non-project work commitments so I will have the time to add 4000 dogs and 2000 cats to my project. This will be a huge undertaking and I will need to hire someone to assist me with this.

2. Be able to personally assist more dog owners in making the switch to a raw food diet. Many people are currently sitting on the fence – either unsure of the benefit of switching to raw or confused as to how to feed raw. I will help educate dog owners of the benefits of feeding raw and how to feed raw in a safe manner.

3. Be able to assist and help more dogs with cancer. Sadly, I cannot help everyone at this time; there are not enough hours in the day. With more funding, I would be able to commit more time to helping more dogs in need.

4. Pay for 200 dogs to be on an elevated cancer prevention program involving a natural protocol; I will cover the cost of this product.

5. Design a special raw feeding program for service dogs.

6. Globally promote my project.

7. Hold seminars to raise awareness for my project.

8. Provide financial assistance to those in need, for annual blood tests of the dogs in my project.

9. Conduct online seminars.

10. Offer phone support to all those owners whose dogs are on my project.

11. Cover miscellaneous administrative expenses.


NEW Project  (started 2016. Fundraising to begin in 2017) 

Research/treatment center.

If I can raise enough funds, I will start a research/treatment center on my property with my veterinarian. I will run this as an educational operation so anyone in the world can follow what I do and apply the same protocols if they have pets with cancer. I want everyone to see that there are natural, safe alternatives to cancer treatment and prevention that are non-toxic to healthy cells. I will install cameras and run them 24/7. I will also give access to each dog’s case files so everyone can see how this works. I think this will be a fantastic eye opener and insight to what we can do in the field of natural cancer cures. If you read this, and know of or have access to funding such a project, I will name it after you or your organization 🙂

I want everyone to see that there are natural, safe alternatives to cancer treatment and prevention that are non-toxic to healthy cells. I will install cameras and run them 24/7. I will also give access to each dog’s case files so everyone can see how this works. I think this will be a fantastic eye opener and insight to what we can do in the field of natural cancer cures. If you read this, and know of or have access to funding such a project, I will name it after you or your organization 🙂

One of my main goals: I also hope to host events and take in children with cancer that undergo treatment or in recovery. Imagine these kids coming to this center where we treat dogs with cancer and helping to care for these animals. The connection between a kid with cancer and a dog with cancer must be so special and beneficial for both. I have visualized these connections for years and I’ dtermined to make this happen.

Please share this with everyone you know who loves animals and wants to keep their beloved pets around for as long as possible.

Any amount of money will help and every dollar counts. To thank you for backing my project, I will give every donor a free copy of my eBook “Learn How To Add Years To Your Dog’s Life”. It’s a beginner’s guide to starting your dog on a diet of raw meats and bones.


With your help, I’ll be able to continue my research and share everything I’ve learned with the world.

Thank You!
Thomas Sandberg


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