Month: April 2017

Always sick on a kibble diet

Lucy was always sick on a kibble diet Lucy is a Yorkshire Terrier that started raw 7 months old. Lucy always got sick when eating kibbles. So, when she was 7 months I decided to change her diet and go with a raw food diet. She turned into another dog. No more vomits, no more diarrhea and much more willingness to play and run. Her hair also changed and she gained weight too. Lucy’s page:   My comment  Some dogs respond to raw in dramatic ways. If you have a sick dog, a dog that doesn’t seem to enjoy the...

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Distemper cured by raw food

Romanian Street dog switched to raw and cured distemper Dora (3) a Carpatin mix from Germany is another success story and a participant in the raw feeding study.  She started on a raw food diet 1.5 years old. She lived on the streets of Romania for six months. Survived distemper, has great teeth. She was neutered with 6 months. We got her when she was 1.5yrs and started raw feeding then. Before she was on dry food. After 3 weeks her fur was shinier, teeth cleaner and intestines worked well. I feed her beef, sheep, horse, deer, chicken, herring....

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Your dog is a Wolf!

Please click the image below to watch the video   Little Fluffy may not resemble one from the outside other than they both have 4 legs but inside they are identical! The organ systems and how they function are similar in a 5lbs dog and a 150lbs wolf.  Why do we care? We should care and understand this for the good of our pets. Nature provides us with proof and evidence when it comes to what is the right food for our dogs and cats. We all know what wolves eat for food. They hunt, kill and eat other animals....

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