Month: June 2017

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Support Long Living Pets Research Foundation This organization is driven by the support from animal lovers like you. Donate   I thank you in advance for your contribution. Thomas Sandberg...

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Best Magazine for Raw Feeders – Raw Pet Digest

This is by far the Best Magazine for Raw Feeders – Raw Pet Digest I don’t recommend a lot of products but this is one I highly recommend and always look forward to reading. Raw Pet Digest is an online magazine dedicated to empowering you to help your best fur friend live their best lives…naturally! Unleash your best dog or cat’s full potential and see them live a raw, balanced, thriving life! Go here to start your...

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Mojo a pug switched to raw at 6 years old and become much healthier

A pug’s great improvements after switching to raw food diet! Mojo (9) started on a raw food diet 6 years old. “He had a luxating patella that disintegrated and turned into a bony arthritic lump, which doesn’t seem to bother him too much. He is on devcor mobility pro plus but I hope to get him off of it somehow. I feed rabbit, ground lamb and chuck, chicken legs/eggs/gizzards/hearts/livers, beef tripe, beef or pork kidney, and sardine oil. He was on kibble for 6 years before I decided to switch him to raw. He ate about 2 cups of...

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Yeasty Ears and Dry Flaky Skin Resolved by Raw Food

American Bully’s Yeasty Ears and Dry Flaky Skin Resolved by Raw Food Rush (3) is an American Bully that started on a raw food diet one year old. “Rush’s breeder recommended raw, and after about 8 months of having him, I finally switched. He had constant yeasty ears no matter which brand of kibble. His skin was always dry and flaky. He accepted raw enthusiastically and his skin and yeast issues resolved. He has grown at a slow and steady pace, as they recommend for larger dogs. He eats a PMR diet, loves everything he tries and has made feeding...

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Raven’s recovery from TPLO, allergies and weight loss

Raw has worked wonders for Raven Raven (6) is a Pit Bull Terrier that started on a raw food diet 4 years old. “We switched to PMR after 2 years of science diet, desperate to lose weight. Raven was 70lbs, undergoing her 2nd TPLO surgery. Raw has worked wonders – she is down to 55lbs, seems satiated after eating, has more energy than ever. Recovery from TPLO was much easier compared to the first since she was lighter. We no longer have skin issues or severe allergies. She happily eats beef, pork, venison, and chicken. I add a lot...

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