Month: May 2017

10 year old GSD Recovering from immune deficiency disorder with a raw food diet

GSD Recovering from immune deficiency disorder with a raw food diet 90% Improvement in skin condition after switching to raw food. Meeka (10) is a GSD that started on a raw food diet 9 years old. Meeka was diagnosed with an immune deficiency disorder, she is prone to yeast infections.  Since switching to pure formulas of Big Country Raw she hasn’t had to be treated with antibiotics or prednisone. Pre raw Meeka was on meds at least 2-3 times per year…she still has flare ups but we are able to manage it with her diet and supplements. She eats...

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Treat mange in dogs with raw food

You can treat mange in dogs with raw food Nala (1) is a mixed breed that started raw 6 months old. Nala was a rescue at 6 weeks old dumped at shelter. She had mange as a puppy and nothing the vets prescribed or advised cleared it up. “Until we switched to raw and within a few days it was noticeably better. With the aid of coconut oil her skin fully healed within weeks!” Nala’s page: My comment: I have seen this several times now. You can treat mange in dogs with raw food. What happens is that raw...

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Chronic Bladder Inflammation cured by raw a raw food diet

8 Year old dog cured of chronic bladder inflammation on a raw food diet Case # 2517A: Dylan (4) is an Englis Springer Spaniel that started on raw food diet 2 years old. “Dylan is very loving and quite highly strung. He eats a variety of raw minced, poultry carcass and other bones. Also some herbs and veg. He had chronic bladder inflammation and bloody urine on kibble, which was cured after a month on a raw diet. He also has much better temperature regulation now, more energy and seems generally happier.” My comment: This is an issue with some kibble fed...

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