Month: March 2017

Raw meat based diet influences faecal microbiome and end products of fermentation in healthy dogs.

Abstract BACKGROUND: Dietary intervention studies are required to deeper understand the variability of gut microbial ecosystem in healthy dogs under different feeding conditions and to improve diet formulations. The aim of the study was to investigate in dogs the influence of a raw based diet supplemented with vegetable foods on faecal microbiome in comparison with extruded food. METHODS: Eight healthy adult Boxer dogs were recruited and randomly divided in two experimental blocks of 4 individuals. Dogs were regularly fed a commercial extruded diet (RD) and starting from the beginning of the trial, one group received the raw based diet...

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THERE IS A MYTH THAT IF YOU FEED YOUR DOG RAW MEAT HE/SHE WILL BECOME AGGRESSIVE. THAT IS FALSE. FITZ IS A RESCUE THAT SHOWS A RAW FOOD DIET IMPROVES DOGS MENTALLY Fitzgibbons (Fitzy) a Schnauzer Terrier mix from Canada that started raw 15 months old. Fitzy is a rescue dog born into a shelter in Louisiana. He has always been the most loyal and loving puppy to my partner and I, but was extremely fearful (non-agressive) with strangers.Since switching to raw, Fitz is becoming much braver, sniffing people at street corners, allowing people to pet him, provoking pets...

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SMELLY DOG IS A WARNING SIGNAL – IT IS NOT NORMAL. Do you have a smelly dog? Have you wondered why your dog stink? The answer is very simple. It’s caused by all the products in your pet food that your dog is unable to digest. These chemicals travel through your pet’s body. Your dog’s body detect these and understand that this is poison to your dog’s health and will push them out through the skin, breath and poop (all smelly). This is a part of your dog’s immune system working. Eventually, it will be too much junk to...

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A study that changed my life

Too Good to Be True for Most In 1999, I started a small study on raw feeding. I had been researching the subject for years, and became convinced that the so-called “dog food” that most pets are fed was completely wrong. I had a hypothesis: “If dogs and cats were fed the food they were designed for, they would live longer.” So in 1999, I started my Great Dane Camelot on a raw-food diet. He immediately took to it unlike anything else. And over the next 15 years, I added another 80 raw-fed dogs to a small observational study...

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Ear infections fixed by a raw food diet

Multiple health issues vanished by switching to a raw food diet Darby (6) a StaffordshireBull Terrier from the UK that started on a raw food diet 3 years old. Owner: We adopted Darby from the Scottish Staffy Rescue when he was 1.5years old. We were given a list of foods he was allergic to ( these were mainly cereal based). We started feeding him a premium kibble with no cereals. Darby however still continued to have frequent ear infections and various other allergic conditions/reactions. He was often on steroids and various medications for these. We switched to raw when he...

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