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Little Fluffy may not resemble one from the outside other than they both have 4 legs but inside they are identical! The organ systems and how they function are similar in a 5lbs dog and a 150lbs wolf.  Why do we care? We should care and understand this for the good of our pets. Nature provides us with proof and evidence when it comes to what is the right food for our dogs and cats. We all know what wolves eat for food. They hunt, kill and eat other animals. Why are we feeding food completely different from what wolves eat? I’m not saying your dog should hunt and kill.  You can and should avoid that, but you can still feed another animal in form of meats and bones. What is stopping us from doing that is pure misinformation and lack of knowledge.

If you did what I did two decades ago; study the digestive system of dogs and wolves and discovered the striking biological similarities there is not way you could put another bowl of kibble in front of your dog. Commercial dog food goes completely against what the digestive system of a carnivore is designed for. It’s so wrong that it promotes illness and if fed over time many chronic diseases one being cancer. Raw meat and bones will work with the digestive system’s biological functions and promote a strong immune system that protects a carnivore against attacks from pathogens.

Why am I posting this here? This is the foundation for my research.  My prophecy that I’m trying to substantiate is that dogs and cats are carnivores* and will live longer healthier lives on a diet of raw meats and bones. Hopefully, my 30-years study with thousands of dogs and cats will help people understand this.

Thomas Sandberg


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