American Bully’s Yeasty Ears and Dry Flaky Skin Resolved by Raw Food

Rush (3) is an American Bully that started on a raw food diet one year old.
“Rush’s breeder recommended raw, and after about 8 months of having him, I finally switched. He had constant yeasty ears no matter which brand of kibble. His skin was always dry and flaky. He accepted raw enthusiastically and his skin and yeast issues resolved. He has grown at a slow and steady pace, as they recommend for larger dogs. He eats a PMR diet, loves everything he tries and has made feeding raw easy. His favorite proteins are duck, venison, chicken, turkey. He will usually eat beef and mackerel, though it is not his favorite. we have stayed away from veggies as I don’t want to feed the yeast, but it seems like he doesn’t need it anyway.”
Rush’s page:


My Comment

Rush is a fortunate pup that has owners that chose to heal his issues with the right food.  Most dogs unfortunately under the care of a vet will end up with multiple medications, steroids, and antibiotics. This approach is what we call symptoms driven and it does not address the cause. The cause is an imbalance in the body, most likely in the gut. No drugs and medication can fix that. The only way is to feed the right food. That will restore the balance and eliminate all symptoms. This approach is all natural non-toxic and permanent. Why? It works with nature not against it like drugs and medication do – all foreign to a body and the long term effect can be devastating.  Again this shows that food is the best medicine.