Raw has worked wonders for Raven

Raven (6) is a Pit Bull Terrier that started on a raw food diet 4 years old.

“We switched to PMR after 2 years of science diet, desperate to lose weight. Raven was 70lbs, undergoing her 2nd TPLO surgery. Raw has worked wonders – she is down to 55lbs, seems satiated after eating, has more energy than ever. Recovery from TPLO was much easier compared to the first since she was lighter. We no longer have skin issues or severe allergies. She happily eats beef, pork, venison, and chicken. I add a lot of veggies to help fill her up, as she is only eating 1.5% of her weight, so she can still lose a little bit of her weight. she takes fish oil and turmeric regularly to help with any knee issues (she gets a little stiff in the winter). she loses about 1 lb every 2 months. she is happier than ever!”
Raven’s page: https://longlivingpets.com/rav…/itemlist/category/1768-raven


My Comment

I know, I sound like a broken record. When you feed the food dogs are meant to eat based on their biological makeup natural healing takes place and that is nature’s way of healing. When we disrupt and prevent nature from doing its thing by feeding the wrong food and administer drugs and medication we promote all sort of health issues and also interrupt the healing process. It always comes back to the food. Good food = strong immune functions = long healthy life. It’s as simple as that.  If you need help contact me.