GSD Recovering from immune deficiency disorder with a raw food diet

90% Improvement in skin condition after switching to raw food.

Meeka (10) is a GSD that started on a raw food diet 9 years old.
Meeka was diagnosed with an immune deficiency disorder, she is prone to yeast infections.  Since switching to pure formulas of Big Country Raw she hasn’t had to be treated with antibiotics or prednisone.

Pre raw Meeka was on meds at least 2-3 times per year…she still has flare ups but we are able to manage it with her diet and supplements. She eats 10.5 oz of any pure protein twice a day except chicken and beef. Her supplements consist of Moringa Powder, oregano, parsley, coconut oil and Herring Oil.

Since switching to raw not only has her health improved but her energy has improved as well. She also plays like a puppy and her skin and coat are 90% better than they were when on kibble.
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My Comment

This is probably the most common reason pet owners switch their dog to a raw food diet. I have hundreds of cases like this in my raw feeding study. It’s amazing how the immune system responds to a raw food diet and starts the process of balancing the bodies organ functions and boosting the immune system. The body is programmed to strive for homeostasis and will always seek to do so. If the nutrients required to perform this function are there it will happen. The key for us is to provide our dogs and cats with the right nutrients and those are found in raw meats and bones.