You can treat mange in dogs with raw food

Nala (1) is a mixed breed that started raw 6 months old. Nala was a rescue at 6 weeks old dumped at shelter. She had mange as a puppy and nothing the vets prescribed or advised cleared it up. “Until we switched to raw and within a few days it was noticeably better. With the aid of coconut oil her skin fully healed within weeks!”
Nala’s page:

My comment:

I have seen this several times now. You can treat mange in dogs with raw food. What happens is that raw food restores the immune system and the body will fight the disease. This is much better than any medication can do.  Medication does not address the cause, only the symptoms of mange.  At the same time, it suppresses the immune system. Also try adding sulfur to the diet and lower the body pH.  I have seen amazing results with this natural approach.  If you do not know how to administer sulfur and lower the pH let me know.