This Goldendoodle experienced Massive improvements switching to a raw food diet

Nova (2.9) is a Goldendoodle that started on a raw food diet 2 years old.
“My dog was diagnosed with arthritis at 1.5y/o. Stressors (fireworks, thunder), weather changes, etc. Would result in her not being able to walk the next day. We switched to raw and she hasn’t had an incident since. She is more active, she has lost weight (she was just under 80lbs before). Her hair is beautiful, teeth are clean, breath no longer stinks. Everything has done a complete 180. She eats the 3 meat blend from ‘Raw for Pets’. Very happy with their products.”
Nova’s page:

My comment

When providing a dog with the right nutrients from the type of food their digestive system is designed for amazing things happens. Going from a dis-ease dog to a healthy dog can take anywhere from a few days to several months depending on the severity of the damage to the immune system.

Everything is connected in a dog and human for that matter. All the organ systems communicate with each other and strive for balance which we call homeostasis. When one or more of these organ systems is out of balance it has a ripple effect and if not corrected can eventually lead to chronic diseases.

In a healthy dog with plenty or organ reserves, balance is restored without damage. If organ reserves are depleted and the supply of nutrients inadequate a decline in health is imminent. This can appear subtle in the beginning and not noticeable but eventually, things will surface as signs of dis-ease.  These we call symptoms and are often wrongfully treated as a cause.

As a result of this misdiagnosis, things can go horribly wrong. Treating the symptoms with drugs and medication is a common practice and often trigger side effects that may be treated with additional drugs. A vicious cycle of chasing symptoms has started. This can easily spin out of control and nobody really knows what is going on since many of these medications and drugs were never tested long term or together. How they interact and what damage they do to a dog’s immune functions becomes a guessing game. Who’s the innocent victim? Our unfortunate pets.

From my experience, the only way out of this is to switch the dog to a raw food diet and start elimination the drugs and medication. I have seen this work more times that I can count.