Too Good to Be True for Most

In 1999, I started a small study on raw feeding. I had been researching the subject for years, and became convinced that the so-called “dog food” that most pets are fed was completely wrong. I had a hypothesis: “If dogs and cats were fed the food they were designed for, they would live longer.”

So in 1999, I started my Great Dane Camelot on a raw-food diet. He immediately took to it unlike anything else. And over the next 15 years, I added another 80 raw-fed dogs to a small observational study and documented the results. I compared my data with current statistics on different breeds.

We Got It All Wrong!

From my research on the digestive system of dogs and cats, I concluded that these animals’ digestive system is identical to the digestive system of carnivores. And what do carnivores eat? Raw meat and bones. This is a scientific fact. The definition of a carnivore is “an animal that feeds on flesh.”

Blown Away

The results from this small observational study produced data that seemed too good to be true for most. An extension of the life span by 30-100%! Some dogs, like giant breeds, doubled their lifespan on this diet. Was this all a fluke? I admit this was a small study, so that is certainly a possibility. But I am convinced otherwise. After going public with the results in 2015, and being attacked from all directions by those attempting to discredit the study, I decided to keep quiet.

What was even more astonishing about this study was the number of dogs that got cancer. ONE! I never published that number since I knew I would be attacked even more on that subject than on the longevity aspect. Current statistics show that over 50% of dogs get cancer. I think I can reduce the rate of cancer in pets by 90% or more if the dog is fed a raw-food diet, and if we limit the dog’s vaccines and exposure to toxins and chemicals. I stand by that statement, and a decade from now, I will be able to see if I was right. Just imagine if I’m right about this — a 90% reduction in cancer incidents! That will save a lot of pets from this horrible disease.

Ramping It Up

I will not forget these results; in fact, I’m convinced that I’m onto something very significant. Since no long-term scientific study on feeding dogs and cats a raw-food diet has been designed or completed at this point, I have decided to increase the number of participants to 10,000 dogs and 5,000 cats by 2018. I will follow these animals to

I need your support

I have established Long Living Pets Research Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, to help fund this study. I hope you will find the value in this and support me so I can see this through.


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