8 Year old dog cured of chronic bladder inflammation on a raw food diet

Case # 2517A:

Dylan (4) is an Englis Springer Spaniel that started on raw food diet 2 years old.
“Dylan is very loving and quite highly strung. He eats a variety of raw minced, poultry carcass and other bones. Also some herbs and veg. He had chronic bladder inflammation and bloody urine on kibble, which was cured after a month on a raw diet. He also has much better temperature regulation now, more energy and seems generally happier.”

My comment:

This is an issue with some kibble fed dogs, I never see this in raw fed dogs. Switching the dog to a diet it is designed for brings and end to this issue in most cases. No drugs or chemicals that would further compromise the immune system. In this case, the immune system could not fight the disease. it was not strong enough. Feeding nutritious food will boost the dog’s immune system within weeks. A dog’s body fights constantly for homeostasis and given the right food, this happens with an amazing speed.  I’ve often been blown away how fast a dog can recover from a dis-eases state to a healthy state. Much faster than humans in my experience.